Dental Implants Are Gaining in Popularity

More and more patients are choosing them because of their comfort and natural look. While many people think of dental implants as a relatively new technology, they have actually been traced back to tooth-like pieces of shell that were attached to the jaw of a Mayan woman around about 1,400 years ago, according to the … Continued

Restoration With Crowns and Bridges

These “fixed dental appliances” can restore your smile when you have damaged or missing teeth. If one of your teeth is missing or has been damaged by injury, dental decay, or the aging process, your dentist may suggest a dental crown or a bridge to restore your smile. Both are fixed appliances, meaning that unlike … Continued

7 Common Dental Health Myths

What You Don’t Know About Oral Health Can Hurt You We learn about taking care of our mouths in a variety of ways, ideally from dental professionals, but we also pick up ideas from our parents, our friends, television, and even from our own assumptions. Sometimes what we learn is not only wrong, but also … Continued

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Cancers of the mouth are more common than you might think. Oral and oropharnyngeal cancers make up a large group of cancers in the head and neck category. While some think these types of cancers are rare, according to the Oral Cancer Foundation, approximately 53,000 individuals in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer … Continued

How Your Dental Health Affects You

Your Oral Health Can Impact Your General Health, and Vice Versa Your dental health is more closely associated with your overall well-being than you might realize. The systems of the body are interconnected, and none can function completely independently of the others. This includes your oral health, which if neglected, can be associated with various … Continued

Preventive Dental Maintenance 101

Why Checkups and Cleanings Are Essential Everyone can benefit from preventive dental maintenance, and taking a just a few vital steps can not only help keep your teeth healthy, but also enhance your overall health. Here are some things you should be paying attention to: Daily brushing. The most important part of preventive dental maintenance … Continued

Your ClearCorrect Questions, Answered

Important Things to Know About This Alternative to Traditional Braces ClearCorrect is a tooth alignment system that takes the place of traditional braces. The system is available to dentists or orthodontists who are certified to recommend it to their patients, but before you opt to try ClearCorrect aligners, you might have some questions. How does … Continued

What Can You Do About Sensitive Teeth?

Find relief for sensitivity issues at your Harker Heights dental office. If you have sensitive teeth, chances are you haven’t been caring for your teeth properly, or have neglected them to the extent that they hurt whenever you eat or drink something hot or cold. Although sensitive teeth can cause a great deal of pain, … Continued

9 Symptoms of Common Dental Problems

How do you know when a visit to Knights Family Dentistry is necessary? Dental problems are never pleasant, but taking care of your teeth, observing any unusual symptoms, and promptly visiting a dentist can easily prevent complications when problems occur. Here are some common symptoms of dental problems that may prompt a visit to your … Continued